Personal trainer by day, still personal but very dangerous at night.

Tosha is an Afro-American girl in her early twenties. She works as a personal trainer in a gym. Has a muscular, but still feminine body, nice breasts, short black hair. She’s short, five feet two, a very attractive woman. Her skin a medium brown. Her days are spend in the gym. Her nights are spent on the prowl.

Tonight her outfit is a very short leather skirt and leather jacket. As she walks down the street, some people think she’s a lesbian. Some think she’s a prostitute. Some don’t notice her at all.

Tosha’s in a nice section of town. Some of the stores are still open for late shoppers. As she walks on at a brisk pace, a lot of men give her an admiring glance. She tries not to notice. Tosha’s not looking for just any man. One particular kind of man. A strong, overly self confidant man who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Sometimes she finds him. Sometimes she doesn’t.

A late model jaguar convertible pulls up beside her.

“Need a lift?”

“Maybe,” she says.

“What do you mean “maybe””?

“That depends on where we’re going.”

Tosha’s still walking. Hasn’t looked at the driver yet.

“That’s up to you. Just thought you might need a ride home. That’s all.”

She stops. Looks him over closely. Tall. Very muscular. Very. Nice blond hair, blue eyes, Robert Redford type smile.

He just might be the type. Everything looks good so far.

Tosha climbs into the jag beside him.

“Name’s Steve. Yours?”


“Tosha. I like the sound of that. Afro-American?”

“Sort of.”

They drive in silence for a few minutes.

“Tosha, would you like to stop by my house for a quick drink? It’s just a short distance from here.”

“I thought you were offering me a ride home, Steve.”

“Well, I am. Just thought a quick drink first might be enjoyable.”

Enjoyable for who?

Tosha smiles. “OK, Steve.”

Steve pulls the jag into the condo garage, pushes a button and the door closes behind them.

“I’m trapped,” says Tosha jokingly.

“Don’t worry. It’s not to keep you in. It’s to keep the street people out.”

They climb out of the jag and enter the condo through the kitchen. Then into the living room.

Nice. Very nice.

“Tosha, I’d like to show you my gym in the basement before the drinks, OK?”

Ah Steve, you’re looking better all the time. The Black Cat is beginning to purr.


Steve takes his jacket off as they enter the large room. He’s built like a body building contestant. He shows Tosha around the gym which has almost as much equipment as the one where she works.

“I’m a stock broker, Tosha, and you.”

“A personal trainer at a gym.”

“A personal trainer. Thank heaven. Can you take a look at my right bicep? I seemed to have strained it.”

Steve whips off his T-shirt and flexes his right bicep. In the process he also manages to slightly flex his left bicep, his chest and his sex pac abs.

The Black Cat is on it’s feet and beginning to prowl.

Tosha feels Steve’s bicep. Doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

“Say, it’s a little hot in here, wouldn’t you like to take off your jacket, Tosha.”

He’s seen her nice muscular legs because of the short skirt. Now he wants to see more.

“You’re right, Steve. It is hot.”

Tosha takes off her jacket, tosses it on a workout bench.

Steve’s a foot taller than Tosha, but he’s looking down on one hell of a body. Muscular biceps and triceps, large breasts, her T-shirt probably hiding a hard flat stomach. He vows that a drink is not all they’ll be having tonight. She’s the most sensual thing he’s seen in a long time and he’s not going to let her slip through his fingers.

Steve, The Black Cat is at the door.

“Let’s mix the drinks and bring them down here, Tosha. Maybe if I lift the dumbbell a few times, you can see the strain it puts on my bicep.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your bicep, Steve.”


“And you don’t want a drink. You want me, don’t you, Steve.”

Tosha smiles at him and looks into his eyes. He looks at her eyes. The gaze is steady and powerful, her pupils almost jet black. He thought he remembered them being dark brown.

“You do want me, Steve. Say it,” commands Tosha as she takes of her T-shirt. Her skin has turned a deeper brown.

Steve is so aroused by her nude upper body he doesn’t notice the color of her skin.

Be careful Steve, The Black Cat is in the room.

Steve leans down and caresses her breasts, then massages the muscles in her shoulders and arms. He doesn’t notice they’ve become larger and harder. He takes off his shoes and socks and then his pants and briefs. He turns back to Tosha.

She gazes at him with a fierce look in her eyes. Now he sees that her skin is a very deep brown. Her muscles are beginning to strain at her skin. No this must be my imagination. She looks so damn good and I want her so bad. And I’m going to have her.

Tosha slips out of her shoes. Takes off her skirt. She’s not wearing any panties.

Her skin is now pure ebony. The muscles in her body are very sensual, but huge. The ones in her stomach throb as she breathes. Her breasts are much bigger and jut straight out from her chest. Her nipples are large and firm. Steve is very aroused but slightly frightened at the transformation he’s seen take place.

Her eyes are fierce but she’s smiling and her voice is gentle, almost kittenish. “Do you want me? Steve.”

“Oh, God yes.”

He pulls her down with him on top of her. As they start to make love he’s made aware of the power in her huge muscles. She moves his body from position to position as if he were as light as a feather. Again he feels slightly afraid, but the ecstasy she gives him dissolves his fears.

It’s too late Steve, the Black Cat is on your back.

Steve is a foot taller than Tosha and he was afraid she would not be able to take his huge erection. She took it with room to spare. And the strong muscles in her began to milk his erection dry and keep on milking. He’s had multiple climaxes. He’s usually limp by now, but his erection is as hard as a rock.

He’s on top of her, but she holds him in a grip of steel as she continues to grind away. He can feel her steel stomach pressing against his belly which is getting softer. He moans after each climax. He’s had so many. He can’t figure out why his erection is not limp. He tries to pull away from her, but it’s no use.

Steve passes out. Tosha continues to grind away as they both have multiple climaxes even with him unconscious. After a while he stops breathing, but Tosha continues to push herself to climax after climax until her bulging muscles can’t take any more and she passes out.

Tosha wakes up the next morning. She pushes Steve’s body off her. Her skin tone and muscle size have returned to normal. She puts on her clothes and goes upstairs to find her way out. She happens to glance at a window. A black cat is pressed against it staring at her. Tosha smiles at the cat and hurries out the door.

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