Cat 2

The Cat makes a detour to save a young woman.

Tosha Wilson lays flat on her back and raises her shoulders off the gym floor When her body reaches a forty five degree angle she stops and holds the position until the muscles in her gut burn. She slowly lets her shoulders drop back to the floor and repeats this process twenty times.

She’s a personal trainer at the gym and keeps her muscles in top condition. It’s hard to inspire others if you’re not a source of inspiration. This five foot two little black girl is definitely a source of inspiration. She’s a bundle of lean, hard muscle from head to foot.

Tosha’s wearing a cut off T-short, exposing her hard, flat, medium brown stomach. Larry, the gym owner, comes over and playfully punches her six pac abs. Then he reaches down from his six foot six frame and grabs her by the shoulders.

“You know what I’d like to do to you?” he says with a serious look.

“What?” she says smiling. They play this little game several times a week. He pulls her to the floor. She’s flat on her back and he’s on his hands and knees just above her.

“I’d like to make passionate love to you all night and half of tomorrow. Non stop.

“Now Larry. What would your wife say?”

“Tosha, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

They both laugh as he gets off the floor pulling her up as he rises.

“You know Tosha, I never hear you mention boyfriends, but a good looking little thing like you must have to fight the men off at night.”

“Oh, I stay pretty busy at night, Larry.”

“I’ll bet you do.” They both laugh again.

If you only knew, Larry.

Tosha takes a quick shower, pulls on a light weight jacket and heads out the door.

“See you tomorrow, Larry.”

“Good night, Tosha.”

Tosha lives about two miles from the gym. She usually walks for the exercise. About half way home the Black Cat runs across her path. A sign of bad luck? Not for Tosha. The cat pauses in the middle of the road. Is almost hit by a car. Turns around and comes back to Tosha, rubbing up against her and purring. She leans over and gently scratches the cat’s head.

See you later kitty.

But the cat isn’t going anywhere yet. It gazes into her eyes and Tosha’s pupils turn from their normal deep brown to jet black. They gaze into each other’s eyes for a long time until she realizes that people are beginning to notice. She scratches the cat’s head once more and heads for home.

Tosha arrives at her apartment and flips on the light in her bedroom. She takes off her light jacket and starts for the kitchen, but catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She flexes her strong, brown muscles and smiles. And then instead of going to the kitchen jumps onto the bed landing on her back.

She kicks off her shoes and stares at the ceiling while rubbing her feet across the bedspread. She’s been on her feet all day and it feels good to run her toes through the soft fabric. Tosha digs her toes deeper into the spread. It feels sensual. And she’s a deeply sensual person.

Tosha closes her eyes and wonders what will happen tonight when she loses control.

When did it start? What caused it? Where will it lead? Will it stop? I don’t care. Because I enjoy it. Oh, God do I enjoy it.

Tonight Tosha heads for a fairly rough section of the city, so she wants to look especially tough. It’s her shortest, black leather skirt, almost up to her butt to show off the muscles in her thighs and high heels to get the maximum flex to her calves.

The weather is not as cool as it has been and the black leather jacket is sleeveless, open in front and teamed up with her cut off T-shirt. Her arm and stomach muscles are on display. Tosha is a walking dictionary definition of the word “tough.”

A late model Cadillac pulls up. “Baby, how much you want? A hundred, two hundred? And that’s for all night, not just an hour.”

Tosha keeps walking, same pace, looks straight ahead.

“Hey baby, look at me when I talk to you. Face it honey. You’re the best thing on the street tonight and I’m the man can pay the most. Three hundred and that’s it. Ain’t paying a cent more. And god damn it, look at me. I’m talkin to you, babe. You think you hot shit or somethin?

Tosha stops. Goes over to his caddy. Looks him in the eye.

“Name’s Pearl. Yours?”

“What’s it to you?”

Tosha rolls her eyes.

“Look, big man, if I’m fuckin for three, I wanta know who I’m dealing with. Are you a cop?”

Now he rolls his eyes.

“Pearl, the name’s Jack and I’m just tryin to get laid with the best piece around. That’s you, Pearl. And no, I ain’t no cop.  Are you in or are you out?”

At that moment, Tosha hears a faint scream from a darkened nearby park. She leaves Jack’s car and heads for the source of the sound.

“Pearl. Oh Pearl.”

It’s obvious she isn’t coming back.

“Fuck you, Pearl. Shit. Just shit.” Jack slams the caddy in drive and peels rubber down the street.

Tosha moves quickly through the trees and spots three white men who have an attractive black woman on her back in the middle of a densely wooded area. The neighborhood is in transition, so she’s not surprised at their race.

The Black Cat is wide awake.

“Get the fuck off her. Now!”

Tosha’s voice is so strong, so full of authority the three young men immediately jump to their feet. They think it’s the police.

They’re similar. Early twenties. Mod clothes.  As if they came off the same assembly line. Oh the hair and eye color is different. And the tallest is about six inches above the shortest. But that’s not it. It’s not the age or clothes.  It’s the attitude. The mind set. “What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine if I want it.”

Bill, Steve and Harry.

They quickly look around. See no one but this little black woman in a black leather jacket. The dark woods hides the color of her skin that’s changed from medium to dark brown. It hides the pupils of her eyes that have gone from dark brown to black.

“Bill, do you believe this shit?” It’s Harry. The tallest. The one who seems to be “the leader.”

“It’s not the police. It’s another piece of ass.”

Silently she walks through the darkness. Her paws stepping carefully over every twig, avoiding every leaf. The black tail swishing back and forth. Her dark eyes shine as she nears Bill, Steve, Harry, Tosha and the woman on the ground. Her blouse ripped off, her skirt pulled pulled up, her panties pulled down.

As she gets closer she slows. The claws dig into the ground with every step. Moving into a crouching position. Getting ready to strike. Her eyes blaze with fury. With hate. Suddenly she sinks to the ground. The warm earth resting against her stomach. She thinks she will not be needed. But she watches.

The Black Cat is here.

Tosha takes her leather jacket off. In the dim light, Bill, Steve and Harry cannot see that her skin is the darkest ebony. That her muscles have turned rock hard and larger. She takes off her T-shirt. No bra. She takes off her short leather skirt. No panties. She kicks off her shoes.

She looks at Bill.

“What’s your name?”


Her eyes blaze like coals as she looks at him.

“Do you want me, Bill?”

Bill can see the fire in Tosha’s eyes and in the dim light he can see her powerful, sensual body. God yes, he wants her. But there’s something about her. Something threatening. He can’t put his finger on it. He turns back to Steve and Harry.

“Fuck her, you idiot.” Harry, “the leader”, has spoken.

Tosha lies on on her back and pulls Bill on top of her. The light has been so dim, it’s the first time he realizes how muscular and powerful she is. He can feel her muscles grip him tightly and then relax. She pulls his clothes off him so their bodies can make full contact.

Bill feels he is a slave to her muscles, but the sensual way she massages him, he doesn’t care. He quickly has an erection and plunges deeply into her. Her thrust drive him to so many orgasms he loses count. But the muscles in her will not let his erection go limp. He’s ready to pass out.

Tosha’s hands slide to the base of his spine. She grips her wrists and yanks. Bill’s spinal cord snaps. He draws one final breath and then his eyes stare vacantly into the dark night. Steve and Harry think he’s passed out from the strain of too much sex. They smile at each other.

“And your name?”


“Do you want me, Steve?”

“Damn right I want you, you little black cunt. Bill’s a wimp. Get ready for a real man.”

The “real man” is more of a man than Bill. But he winds up laying beside him.

Tosha turns to “the leader.”

“And your name, big man?”


“Do you want me, Harry?”

She moves to within inches of him. He can see the muscles straining against her ebony skin. She pulls his pants down and presses her hard thighs and stomach against him. Her strong arms caress his back. Harry is very aroused. But Harry begins to know fear. He glances at Bill and Steve. They haven’t moved in a long time.

“Do you want me, Harry?”

“Don’t you want to fuck me Harry? I’m just a” little black cunt.” Right Harry? Just another notch in your belt. Right Harry?”

The man is very strong. He was weight lifting and wrestling champ in high school. Harry crushed every opponent. He wonders why he’s afraid. This is a very powerful woman. But he’s looking down on her. One foot, six inches down. She’s so small.

She rises from the ground and moves closer. Inch by inch. The black tail that had been swishing, still now. As little movement as possible. Her paws continue to avoid any object that might crack or crunch, might arouse attention. Her claws dig into the earth.

She’s gone as far as she can without being seen. She sinks to the ground once again in a crouching position. Her eyes glow like coals as she watches Tosha and Harry. She looks at Harry’s powerful body and the way it towers over Tosha. She’s needed now. And she’s here. The Black Cat.

Tosha runs her hands up Harry’s chest and takes off his shirt. She gently pulls him to his knees so his mouth can get to her breasts, to her nipples. She reaches down and massages his huge erection. She can feel his tongue stroking her hard nipples. Can feel his hands caressing the muscles in her butt and thighs.

“Do you want me, Harry? Do you want this “little black cunt””?

“Yes. God, yes.”

His fears are gone now. They have been replaced by lust.

“Then beg me.”


“I said beg me.”

Tosha continues to run her hands over his erection letting her fingernails sink gently into the sensitive top.

She stops and steps back.

“Run your hands over my body, Harry. Touch me anywhere you want to.”

His fingers start with her firm breasts and hard nipples and travel down her hard stomach, feeling the muscles flex as she breathes. Everywhere Harry runs his hands her large muscles are alternately relaxed and them hard as a rock as she tightens them. He finds this incredibly arousing.

“Beg me, Harry. Beg me and it’s all yours,” she whispers in his ear.

He’s never wanted a woman this bad in his life

“OK, I’m begging.”

Tosha lays on her back and guides Harry’s erection into her. He didn’t think the short woman would be able to take all of it. But she does. Easily.

She wraps her arms and legs around him and now her muscles bulge. Harry can’t remember being griped this tightly in any of his high school wrestling matches. Tosha’s muscles feel like steel. It’s the continual flexing and relaxing and moving them across his body he finds so arousing.

She continues to thrust her hips up causing him to plunge deeply into her and have climax after climax. His erection is usually limp by now but it’s still hard as a rock. The muscles in Tosha continue to squeeze and milk it although it’s been dry for at least half an hour.

Finally, Harry can’t take anymore.

“Let’s stop. I’m completely exhausted. I’ve never seen anything like you. You’re fantastic. But you’re not human. No one can last this long.

“Beg me, Harry”


“Beg me to stop.”

“OK. I’m begging god damn it. Just please stop!”

Tosha’s hands slide down Harry’s back. Her wrists lock and with one quick yank she snaps his spine.

“Ok, Harry. We stopped.

Tosha puts her clothes on. The color of her skin and her eyes again brown. She looks at the black woman, now shaking with fear. Tosha goes over to her. Puts her arms around her. She begins to cry. Deep sobs. Tosha holds her for long moments until the tears end. She looks the woman in the eyes.

“I helped you tonight. I may have saved your life. Please promise me something.”

The woman slowly nods.

“Please promise me that you will never tell anyone about tonight. It’s our secrete forever. Promise?”

She hesitates for a moment, then looks Tosha in the eye. Her gaze is unwavering. She doesn’t blink.

“I promise.”

They hug each other. The woman runs home. Tosha is so very tired she staggers to another part of the park and falls asleep.

The sun wakes her up the next morning. That and a gentle purring from her lap. It’s the Black Cat. Tosha rubs the cat’s back. Then picks it up and holds it to her face. The cat licks her on the cheek. Tosha holds the cat tightly against her for a moment. Then puts it on the ground. The cat goes off in search of  breakfast. Tosha goes to work.

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