Dayana 3

Waiting on Jack Sanchez, the latest threat to her father’s farm, a pair of powerful thighs.

Where the hell is the son of a bitch? He said we were to meet in this dump at 2:00pm. Well, it’s 3:00. That god damned son of a bitch. Son of a bitch!

It’s a very hot July day in the small Texas border town of Madison. The temperature hovers around 105 degrees. The humidity makes it feel like 115. Dayana sits in a chair in front of the air conditioner in the cheap motel room. The unit is doing the best it can and within a 10 foot radius of it, the air is fairly cool. The rest of the room is almost unbearable.

Dayana slumps deeply into the chair, kicks her shoes off and puts her feet on the air conditioner. The cool air blows her skirt back along her muscular, brown legs. Blows it back to her waist. She’s not wearing panties. The air feels good and she smiles briefly while she waits. Waits on Jack Sanchez.

Dayana is Mexican-American. Her father and late mother were born and raised in Mexico. She was born and raised in Madison where her father had bought a small farm just before she was born. Her mother died when Dayana was ten. The farm has never really prospered. It’s always on the verge of foreclosure by the bank.

It has been almost a year since Dayana returned to Madison to save the farm. She used gentle persuasion and got the bank president to allow more time on the mortgage payments. Actually, she got the poor man so sexually aroused he had a fatal heart attack. But she was gentle. Very!

Dayana is a strikingly beautiful, 26 year old woman. Her thick, shoulder length hair is a very dark brown, almost black. It matches her eyes. Her flawless skin is light brown. She has full lips and a quick smile that shows pearly, white teeth. Her breasts are large and the rest of her figure, like her skin, is flawless.

She has stayed on at the farm the past year helping her dad. He had to let a part time employee go. No money to pay him. Dayana had trouble with some of the chores, like lifting heavy bags of fertilizer. But she’s not only beautiful, she is also smart. Dayana got a barbell and some dumbbells, started working out and now the fertilizer bags aren’t so heavy.

Dayana likes what she sees in the mirror. Her shoulders are larger and more rounded. Her arms are more powerful and the refined muscle tone makes her look sexier. Her stomach had always been flat and firm. Now it’s hard. Same for her well rounded hips. The biggest improvement has come in her legs. They are downright muscular. And sexy. Men like to see the subtle flexing of her thighs and calves when she walks.

This afternoon the new, improved, stronger, sexier version of Dayana sits in the motel room and waits on Jack Sanchez. Same song. Second verse. The late Charles Parker had been president of the Bank of Madison. Jack Sanchez had been Executive Vice President before Parker died of a “heart attack”. Now he’s the president. And Dayana sits waiting. Waiting on Jack Sanchez.

Parker had told Dayana there was only one document that could make seizure of her father’s farm immediate. She snatched that document from his desk after his “heart attack.” Actually, Parker had lied. There were two. And Jack Sanchez has found the other one.

Jack Sanchez. Good family man. Happily married for 20 years. Two kids at Madison High. Deacon at the First Baptist Church of Madison. Very active in community projects. Also, when the business need arises, cruel, heartless, relentless, a real terror. And last, but not least, one of the biggest womanizers in West Texas. Makes the late Charles Parker look like a choir boy.

Sanchez finds the second document about the same time he sees Dayana. His eyes light up like a kid in a candy store. She is, without a doubt, the most beautiful, the sexiest, the most desirable woman he’s ever seen. And he thinks this document just may be the way into her panties.

But Jack moves cautiously. He first invites Dayana into his office for a meeting. He keeps her waiting forty five minutes.

“Dayana, your father is behind on his mortgage payments again.”

“I know, Mr. Sanchez. But we’re working as hard as we can to catch up. Mr. Parker was kind enough to sign a document just before he died that gives dad some breathing room in regard to mortgage payments.”

“Perhaps he didn’t show you this document, Dayana.”

Dayana looks the document over. It’s almost exactly like the one she snatched off Parker’s desk the day she provoked his heart attack. She reads it over and closes her eyes. Here we go again. Just for the hell of it, I’ll ask him what he wants. But unless pigs can fly, he wants the same thing Parker wanted. Me!

“What do you want, Mr. Sanchez?”

Sanchez pauses for a moment. Leans back and stares at the ceiling. Then leans forward to face Dayana.

“You’re a very attractive woman.”


“Maybe something. Maybe nothing. I understand at one time you were Parker’s personal secretary. My secretary is retiring and I’m looking for a replacement. Are you interested in the position?”

Do you mean sexual position, Jack? And what’s your favorite? Missionary, doggie style, oral, anal?

“Well, I do appreciate the offer, Mr. Sanchez. But dad needs me to help him with the farm. He can’t afford any employees right now.”

This time, Sanchez does not pause. Does not stare at the ceiling. He’s been a womanizer for a long time. Thinks he knows “when to hold and when to fold”. When to be coy and when to be blunt. Thinks on this one he holds all the aces.

“I want you, Dayana.”

“I appreciate your blunt response, Mr. Sanchez. And I’ll be blunt. I want that document in regard to dad’s farm. And you want to fuck me.”

Dayana leans very closely to him now.

“Jack, may I call you Jack?”

He nods.

She sands up and pulls her skirt up to her waist. She’s not wearing panties. She unbuttons her blouse. No bra. She can see his eyes bulge as he stares at her beautiful, brown body. His breathing becomes rapid.

Dayana pauses for a moment to let it sink in.

“Jack, I can fuck like no other woman you’ve fucked in your life. But in return I want that document. Please call me when you’ve reached a decision.”

Dayana let’s down her skirt, buttons her blouse and leaves Jack’s office.

3:15pm. She waits for Jack Sanchez. He called her two days ago to set up the meeting. Said he’d rent the motel room. Leave a key in an envelope for her at his office. His secretary would think the contents had something to do with her father’s farm.

Jack Sanchez is very cautious is his womanizing. This is typical. He rents the motel room. The woman arrives first. After the sex, he leaves and she stays until dark, then walks to her car parked several blocks away. He’s not fooling as many people as he thinks he is. A lot of people know he’s fucking around. But he takes such precautions in getting the women in and out, no one can figure out who the girl of the moment is.

Doesn’t really matter when he gets here. He’s not going to give me that document. Oh, he’ll make up some excuse to keep fucking me while he holds dad’s farm over my head.

3:30pm. Jack arrives.

“Sorry I’m late. Business appointment ran late. Sorry.”

Dayana ignores the excuse.

“Did you bring the document?”


“Where is it, Jack?”

He pulls a sheet of paper out of his briefcase and hands it to her.

Looks original. Could be a fake. Could be a copy. Could be another document back at the bank he hasn’t told me about. Who knows?

Dayana takes off her skirt and blouse. No panties. No bra.

Jack looks at her. He starts to take her in his arms. To kiss her.

“Take off your clothes, Jack.”

Her tone is almost demanding. But he wants her body so bad, he doesn’t really notice. He does as he’s told. He’s about five feet ten, not much taller than her. He’s not in very good shape. Poor muscle tone. Flabby waist. But he’s built like a horse between the legs. Biggest one Dayana has ever seen.

Good, Jack. Very good. The bigger the better. More to massage. And most important, more to squeeze.

“Lay down on the bed, Jack. On your back.”

The tone is even more demanding. He’s so aroused, her tone of voice doesn’t matter. “Lay down on the bed” is all that matters.

Again, he does as he’s told. Dayana sits on his chest and massages him with her hands until he’s fully erect. She takes his huge erection between her powerful thighs and massages it with the muscles in her legs. She can see the top of his erection turning purple and a few drops of liquid roll out.

Suddenly Dayana tightens her thighs around his erection in a scissors grip and squeezes hard. Jack cries out and grabs her around the neck from behind. She tightens the grip.

“Jack, if you let go, I’ll let go. Just thought you might enjoy some kinky sex for a change. You know, sort of a change of pace. My thigh muscles can give pain. But they can give pleasure beyond anything any woman has ever given you. Jack, let go of my neck!”

Jack obeys and Dayana starts to massage his erection with the muscles in her thighs. He moans. God, he’s so aroused. He’s had mouths, tongues, hands, nipples caressing his erection. But never a woman’s thighs. Dayana gently flexes her powerful muscles against his erection until the top again turns purple. Then she stops.

“Oh, God, Dayana, please don’t stop.”

“Does it feel good, Jack? Have you ever had a woman do this to you before?”


“Do you like it, Jack? Has any woman ever given you this type of pleasure?”

“No, Dayana, no.”

“Remember, Jack, in your office, I told you I can fuck like no other woman you’ve fucked in your life. Do you believe me now?”


“And what will you give me in return?”

“The document, Dayana, the document.”

“Oh, will you really? Do you keep promises, Jack?”

Before he can reply, Dayana again tightens her thighs around his erection and squeezes. Her powerful muscles have his erection in an extremely painful grip. Jack moans, grits his teeth and places his hands on her shoulders.

“Take your hands off me, Jack.”

She increases the pressure even more. He breaks out in a sweat from the pain, but doesn’t dare disobey her. His hands come down. She relaxes the grip and the muscles in her brown thighs gently massage his erection again. His moans of pain change to moans of arousal as the top turns purple and some clear liquid flows out and runs down the sides. He’s near a climax.

Dayana stops again. Jack begs and pleads with her to keep massaging his erection with her thighs.

“I control you completely now, don’t I, Jack?”

“Yes you do, Dayana.”

“And you want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“Yes, Dayana, please.”

“You say that now, Jack. But once you’ve fucked me. What will you think tomorrow?”

“I’ll still want you, Dayana.”

“I’m sure you will, Jack. And that’s the problem. You’ll always keep me dangling at the end of a string, like a puppet. Isn’t that right right, Jack? Me and dad’s farm?”

“No, Dayana.”

“Is that document you have with you a copy or the original?”

“The original, Dayana. I promise.”

“I don’t believe you, Jack. And I don’t trust you. I’m sorry I’m going to have to do this. It’s nothing personal. I truly mean that, Jack. Nothing personal. Strictly business. Dad’s farm.”

Dayana quickly removes her thighs from Jack’s erection and her hands grip his balls. He grabs at her throat, but the weight lifting and work on the farm have made her forearms and grip very strong. She can feel his testicles being crushed like egg shells. The pain is so great Jack releases Dayana’s neck and rolls into a fetal position. He’s not able to cry out. Barely able to whimper.

She whips her thighs into a scissors hold around his neck. Dayana leans back and tightens the muscles at his throat. Jack is not able to breathe. His face turns purple. He can’t decide which is worse, the pain in his balls or the strangle hold on his throat. He can’t decide? Who cares? He’s blacking out. He’s dying. He’s dead. Dayana hold her thighs tight around his throat for a few more minutes to make sure.

Dayana doesn’t know if the document is real or a fake. Doesn’t make any difference since Jack is dead. But she tears it into little pieces and flushes it down the toilet over and over until she’s sure every piece of it is gone. Then she goes back into the room.

4:30pm. Another four hours until complete darkness. Jack lays dead on the bead. Dayana sits in a chair nearby in front of the air conditioner. She’s following his instructions. Wait until it’s completely dark and then sneak back to her car.

It was really nothing personal, Jack. Just business. Dad’s farm. The only thing that pissed me off was you made me wait so god damned long. Waiting on Jack Sanchez. Just to watch him die.

Back on her dad’s farm. About a week later.

“Dayana, can you help me with this bag of fertilizer?”

She easily lifts the bag into the wagon.

“Thanks, honey. You know, too bad about that Jack Sanchez being killed. Police aren’t saying much. Rumor has it that he was quite a womanizer and a jealous boyfriend or husband caught up with him. Hear the police have almost nothing to go on and have sort of closed the case.”

“Yeah, dad, too bad. I had a few appointments with him about the farm mortgage. One thing about him irritated me.”

“Oh, what’s that, Dayana?”

“He was always late. I always had to wait on Jack Sanchez.”

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