Dayana 2

Dayana kills with her feet, and she doesn’t even know karate.

Dayana walks down the street of the small Texas border town of Madison and her appointment with Charles Parker. Parker is President of the First Bank of Madison. Parker runs the bank. The bank runs the town. Until a year ago, Dayana had been his secretary for two years. He had been trying to fuck her since day one using the mortgage on her dad’s farm as leverage.

She’s an attractive Mexican-American, probably the sexiest woman in town. Parker’s lust and persistence was so great, his threats about her father’s farm so frequent, she decided to set up a sort of blackmail. About a year ago she finally gave in to Parker and let him fuck her, but captured everything on video tape. She threatened to make the tape public if he ever foreclosed on her father’s farm.

A few weeks ago Parker called her bluff and threw her dad off the land. He figured that since she’s on the tape also, the humiliation it would bring to her father would keep her from ever making it public. He was right. There has been another significant event. About a week ago Parker suffered a mild heart attack. But he’s back in the office in less than a week, bragging about his quick recovery.

Parker comes out from behind his desk and sits in a chair opposite Dayana. Maybe he’s only been out of the hospital for a week, but he has that same cocky grin on his face he had a year ago. He’s bluffed her down and that seems to add a little arrogance to the grin. Or maybe she’s just imagining it.

“What can I do for you, Dayana?”

“Give dad his farm back, Mr. Parker.”

“Can’t do that, Dayana. He’s behind on the payments.”

“Two months, Mr. Parker. Just two months.”

Parker reaches across to his desk and gets two documents.

“One of these gives your dad his farm back. The other one takes it away if he’s so much as two minutes behind on his payments. I believe you know what you have to do to get one of these documents and avoid the other one. Am I right, Dayana?”

Dayana doesn’t say a word. She gets up and walks over to Parker and unzips his fly. Then she massages him with her fingers until he’s fully erect. She pulls her chair in close to his and hikes her skirt up to her panties before she sits down. He breathes deeply at the site of her firm, shapely, brown legs.

Then Dayana does something she’s never done before in getting a man aroused and keeping him that way. She kicks off her shoes and massages his erection with the arches of her feet. Parker is not into foot fetish but he has noticed her feet before when she happens to be working barefoot around the office.

She has beautiful feet. The skin is light brown, the arch is perfect, very high, the toes are just the right length and slender. Her feet blend perfectly with her slim ankles and firm, slightly muscular calves and thighs. It’s when he sees her barefooted that he wants to fuck her the most.

Dayana stops and slides onto Parker’s lap. She unbuttons her blouse and pulls it open. She’s not wearing a bra and thrust her large breasts into his face. He eagerly takes them in his mouth and rolls his tongue over her hard nipples. He runs his hand over her thighs, then down to her calves and to the top of her feet. She rises on her toes so he can massage the arches. He feels a slight pain in his chest but ignores it.

Dayana lets her thick, dark brown, almost black hair fall in his face. She draws back and gazes into his eyes. His are dark blue, hers the deepest brown, the pupils almost black. She caresses his mouth with her full lips. He tries to kiss her but she runs her lips over his cheeks and forehead, occasionally licking him with her tongue.

Dayana takes her blouse and panties off and sits back down in the chair, her light brown body completely nude. She tilts her head back, closes her eyes, and arches her back to make sure her breasts ride high on her chest. Her hands massage the patch of black hair between her thighs and her feet return to his erection.

This time instead of the arch, she uses the balls of her feet  to massage the sides while her toes gently rub the sensitive top. Dayana’s eyes are still closed but she can feel a small amount of fluid on her toes and knows he’s near a climax. She draws away from the top and just barely caresses the sides with her arches again.

“Do you want to fuck me, Charles?”

It’s the first time she’s ever called him by his first name. He likes that.


The pain in his chest is a little sharper this time. He continues to ignore it.

“I want you, Dayana. I’ve told you that a thousand times. I want to fuck you every day.”

Dayana’s head is still tilted back. Her eyes closed. She starts running her slender toes across the top of his erection.

“Please, Charles, explain to me again, in more detail, those two documents on your desk that relate to my dad’s farm.” She again feels more liquid on her toes and drops her arches to the sides.

“Dayana, these are not standard forms. They were especially prepared by my attorney. The first one gives your father a ninety day grace period if he’s behind on his payments. I can legally do that. The second document states that unless he makes the payment by 2:00pm on the day it’s due, the bank can start immediate foreclosure proceedings. If the second document is ever signed by me, it takes precedent over the first.”

“Can it be signed by anyone else, Charles?”

“No, just me.”

“Have you already signed the first document, Charles?”

“Yes, Dayana. When you called and said you wanted to meet with me this showed a sign of good faith, so I signed it. But I can at any time sign the second one. Even before you leave this office, if things don’t go well.”

“Are things going well, Charles?” Her toes move to the top of his erection again. The massage is very slow, very gentle. Her eyes are still closed, but she can hear him breathing deeply. The next pain is very sharp, but he decides to move on. He’s so close to his goal and medical attention is just the push of a button away. It’s a special red button on his telephone console, less than an arm’s length away.

“So far, so good, Dayana.”

Again, she feels a tiny drop of liquid and backs off.

Dayana tilts her head further back, keeping her eyes closed. She arches her back more to make her brown breasts rise higher. She takes her hands away from her patch of black hair, licks her fingers and runs them over her hard, flat stomach.


“Yes, Dayana.”

“Would you divorce your wife to have this every day, to fuck me any time you want to?”



“Because I can have both, Dayana.”

“Can you, Charles? Won’t she become suspicious when you call every night saying you have extra work to do? You can’t be in two places at once.” Her toes go back to the top of his erection as he watches her large breasts rise and fall with each breath.

“I can work it out, Dayana.”

There is a slight pause as Dayana arches her back a little more. Her eyes are closed, but she knows Charles is staring at her breasts, at her large, hard nipples. She can hear his breathing become more deep, more rapid. She wonders how much more he can take.


“Yes, Dayana.”

“I’ve met your wife. She’s a fine woman. A good mother. I respect her. But let me ask you an important question.”

“What’s that, Dayana?”

“Does she arouse you the way I do? Do you want to fuck her as badly as you want to fuck me?”


Dayana digs her toe nails gently into the top of his erection. She can feel more clear liquid seep out. She uses it to lubricate the sides and massages them with the arches and balls of her feet.

“Then marry me, Charles.”

“No, I can’t.”

“Why? Are you ashamed that I’m Mexican by heritage, ashamed of the light brown color or my skin? I want you to marry me. Do that and we don’t have to worry about the documents on your desk. Do that and you can have sexual pleasure that neither your wife or any other woman has ever given you. Marry me, Charles.”

Dayana again starts massaging the top of his erection with her toes. Parker is now under tremendous mental and physical pressure. He had planned to make demands on Maria and now she’s making demands of him. That plus the way she’s massaging his erection with her feet has him incredibly aroused. He snaps.

This time the pain in the chest is so severe it brings water to his eyes. He desperately reaches for the red button on the phone console. Without opening her eyes, Dayana moves her right foot to the desk and pushes the console just out of reach.

“Dayana, no!”


“Fuck you, Charles.”

She has still not opened her eyes, but she hears him slump forward in his chair. She waits a few minutes, no longer. He should have pushed that red button by now if able to.

Dayana opens her eyes and quickly dresses. She takes a small mirror out of her purse and holds it under his nose to detect any sign of breathing. Nothing. She feels both wrists for a pulse. Nothing. She takes the second, immediate foreclosure document, off his desk and crams it in her purse. She unlocks and opens the door to his office and screams.

Bank employees rush up. Dayana’s eyes are wide. Her voice is shrill. She seems on the verge of panic.

“We…..We….We were discussing dad’s farm and he ………he suddenly grabbed his chest and slumped over in his chair. She starts to faint, but a bank employee quickly helps her lie down on a sofa. The approaching sirens of an ambulance can be heard. The paramedics rush Charles Parker to the hospital. But it’s too late. He’s dead.

A few days later Dayana and her father are standing on the edge of the farm that’s once again his.

“Dayana, I hear Mr. Parker had just signed the document giving me my farm back before he died. I guess I had him figured wrong.”

“Could be, dad. Could be.”

2 Responses to “Dayana 2”

  1. Keyser Soze Says:

    Wow. Hot story! She gives him a heart attack!!!. Hope to see more of that in future stories!.

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