Dayana’s boss chases her until she catches and humiliates him.

Charles Parker is President of the only bank in the small southern town. He’s white, of course. His secretary Dayana is Afro-American. She’s been his secretary for two years, and he’s wanted to get in her panties from day one.

Charles runs the bank. The bank runs the town. Virtually every business owes the First Bank of Madison money. Most homeowners owe it money. Charles has a beautiful wife and three fine children. He has everything a man could want. Gets anything else he wants. Except Dayana.

She is beautiful and very sensual. Light brown skin. Large breasts, perfect white teeth, trim waist, nice brown legs. The subject of a lot of men in Madison’s sexual fantasies. And she’s not married. That’s what irritates Charles the most. So they shack up. So what? She’s not cheating. He is.

Dayana has met Ms. Parker and the three kids. Ms. Parker is warm and friendly. The kids are adorable. Charles Parker has no principles, no ethics. Even if Dayana was married and it meant destroying her marriage and his to shack up with her, he’d do it.

Parker has become obsessed with Dayana. He must have her. He brazenly flirts with her at the office. Takes her to lunch several times a week. Repeatedly ask her to spend a weekend with him at his hunting cabin in the woods.

So why doesn’t she just quit? Tell the great Charles Parker to go fuck himself? Get another job? Because her dad’s farm owes money to the First Bank of Madison. A lot of money. Her dad is behind on the payments. Parker threatens to foreclose, unless……………..

Dayana agrees to spend a weekend with Parker. But at her apartment, not his cabin in the woods. Parker eagerly accepts. She has a plan that will save her dad’s farm and humiliate the great Charles Parker. Men, why are their brains between their legs?

Saturday morning. Parker arrives a Dayana’s apartment, his face flushed with anticipation. She suggest they have a drink, a quick breakfast and then start a weekend of sex. She serves vodka and orange juice and slips some powder into Parker’s drink.

He wakes up about an hour later. He’s nude, laying on his back in Dayana’s bed. His wrists and ankles securely lashed by rope to the bedposts. He’s sort of groggy. Has trouble focusing his eyes. But then he sees her, leaning against the wall, and suddenly he’s wide awake.

She’s dressed only in a bathrobe with the front partially opened. Some of her large, brown breasts are exposed as well as that patch of black hair between her legs. Parker has been trying to get his hands on those breasts and his erection into that patch of hair for years. Now he’s so close.

Parker is aroused, but obviously concerned that he’s tied to the bed. He tries to yank his arms and legs free, but the bonds are tight. He starts to cry out. Stops. So she’s into kinky sex. That’s Ok. Let her sit on top of me and grind away.

Dayana  walks over to the bed. She pulls the ends of the bathrobe off the floor exposing all of her brown, perfectly shaped, firm legs. The muscle tone is beautiful. Then she turns so he can look at her nice round butt.  Dayana smiles at Parker and slowly runs the ends of the robe between his legs. His erection starts slow and builds.

“Do you want to fuck me, Charles Parker?”

“Since the minute I laid eyes on you, Dayana.”

She takes his erection in her mouth and her tongue gently massages the sensitive bottom while her teeth rake across the top until she feels he’s about to have an orgasm. She stops and steps back from the bed, the robe still covering part of her breasts.

She repeats the question. “Do you want to fuck me, Charles Parker?”

Dayana pulls the robe off her shoulders. Parker breathes deeply as he stares at even more of her large, firm breasts. She strokes his erection with her brown fingers and pulls back again when he’s on the verge of a climax. Parker’s is so close to an orgasm he moans. He’s never been this aroused before. Not ever. Not once.

“God, Dayana. I want you. I want inside of you. Please get on top of me and guide me into you. Please.”

“Beg me, Charles Parker.”


“I said beg me. I don’t want you to just ask and say “please”. I want you to beg. I want you to plead.”

Parker is probably one of the most aroused men on earth at this moment. But he’s also one of the proudest. The most stubborn. To beg? To plead? The great Charles Parker? Never! The very thought causes his erection to start to go limp.

“Don’t you want me, Mr. Parker? You’ve been trying to fuck me for years. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t beg. Never!”

“Never say “never”, Mr. Charles Parker.”

Dayana takes off the robe that has been covering part of her body and tosses it across the room.

Parker’s eyes are bulging. His erection is starting to come back. Dayana leans over and runs her large breasts against the sensitive bottom and then her hard nipples against the top. A few drops of clear liquid run from the top, down the sides. She stops. He’s near a climax.

“Beg me Charles Parker and I’m yours forever. My large breasts. My hard nipples. My brown legs wrapped around you. My whole body anytime you want me. Just beg me.”

He hesitates. She takes his erection in her mouth again and massages it gently. Then she looks him in the eyes as she runs her fingers over the top of his erection, letting her fingernails dig into it gently. She steps back and slowly runs her hands over her hard, flat, brown stomach. Her fingers drop lower and massage the hair between her legs.

“Beg me, Charles Parker. Beg me.”

She thrust her breasts into his face. He takes them into his mouth, running his tongue over her hard nipples. She continues to run her fingers over his erection.

“Beg me, Charles Parker. Beg me.”

She pulls away.

“OK, Dayana. I’m begging. I want you now. Please.”

“Charles Parker, you’ve wanted that large erection in me since the first day you saw me, haven’t you.”

“Yes, Dayana. Please put it in you. Again, I’m begging. Please. For God’s sake, please.”

Dayana climbs on his waist and guides him into her. His erection is as big as his ego, but she takes every inch of it with room for more. She leans back and begins to thrust her hips forward and back in a rhythmic motion. The muscles inside her grip his erection as it slides back and forth.

Parker has several orgasms as she begins to milk him dry. She bends over and lets him get his mouth on her large breasts. He runs his tongue over inch of them and gently bites her nipples which feel hard as a rock. His erection was beginning to go limp, but this arouses him to another climax.

He starts to go limp again so Dayana takes his erection out of her and runs if slowly over her breasts and nipples, over her hard, flat stomach over her firm butt and her beautiful brown thighs. Her brown fingers caress it gently and then her fingernails rake the top.

He’s fully aroused again and pleading with Dayana to take him into her. She climbs on him, but instead of guiding his erection in, she arches her back, thrust her chest out and raises her arms over her head. Her large breasts sit high on her chest and she breathes deeply to make them jut out even more.

Parker is begging and pleading again. Dayana takes his erection and holds it against her flat stomach. She sucks it in and out so he can feel the muscles ripple beneath her smooth, brown skin. Then she turns over and places it between her round hips. She tightens the muscles in her butt and grips his erection tightly and then relaxes. She repeats this until he’s once again moaning and begging.   [

Dayana jumps off the bed. She puts on her clothes and pulls a hidden video camera off a bookshelf. She unties one of Parker’s wrists.

“I believe you can untie the rest. I’ll see you in your office at the usual time Monday morning. Take my advice. Be there, and don’t be late.”

Monday morning. Dayana and Parker watch the video tape on a monitor in his office. He is slumped low in his chair. Defeated.

“How much do you want, Dayana?”

“For me, Mr. Parker, nothing. Just lay off dad and his farm as long as he’s making an honest effort to  make the mortgage payments. There are three copies of this tape. You have one, I have one, my lawyer has one.”

Parker slumps even lower in his chair.

“If anything of a suspicious nature ever happens to me or my dad, my lawyer will make this tape public. Good day, Mr. Charles Parker.”

Dayana leaves the bank for the last time.

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