It was 3.30pm on a cold Friday afternoon in London. A cafe across the road

from the world famous Regency Hotel was busy
with customers enjoying afternoon
tea. Amongst them was a strikingly attractive
blonde. Her sparkling
clean hair, prettily
held up in a sexy arrangment, complemented
her appealing
facial features to the full.
She sported sexy designer spectacles, and
was wearing a smart
business suit, sipping
her tea slowly as the world glided past her.
Her outfit consisted of a navy blue jacket and matching blouse, together
highly polished black high heels. Her crossed, nylon-clad thighs,
encased in sheer,
almost-black tights reflected in the late afternoon sunset. Although to
the casual observer
she appeared to be lazily flicking through a copy of the 'Financial Times',
what she was
actually doing was a little more sinister. Concealed amongst the sizeable
orange pages of her 
'FT' were much smaller pieces of paper containing statistics, drawings, 
photographs and descriptions.
This data consisted of essential information about a 'client' (as Sarah 
always ironically termed her targets) who was currently residing at the 
Excelsior Hotel - a Middle Eastern security operative, posing as a diplomat.
The blonde -
by the name of Sarah Surridge - was an assassin working for the British
Government, whose
ongoing assignment was the elimination of 'undesirable' personnel who
 were perceived to be
posing a direct threat to stability in the Middle East.
Sarh's specific mission for today was detailed in the documents before
her. She was to
enter the hotel and, posing as a high-ranking guest, proceed to the 5th floor
on which the
'client' was staying, and from there gain access to his suite of rooms.
Once inside, she was
to assassinate him, clear the scene of evidence of any intrusion and leave
the hotel discreetly ...
Sarah casually glanced at her watch - 3.55 p.m. The target would
shortly be arriving from the meeting he had had earlier in the day, at an
location, with the Foreign Minister of one of the most unstable countries
in the Middle
Eastern region. Sarah folded up her papers, whilst sexily uncrossing
 her legs, slowly
with a swishing noise as her tights rubbed together, without looking
round at the other
people in the cafe. She picked up her handbag and, switching her
reading glasses for
sunglasses then strutted away from the cafe, leaving the rest of her
 unconsumed tea behind.
'Beep, beep,' went the remote alarm on her Chrysler Discovery which 
wasparked around the corner from the Excelsior Hotel. She opened the 
passenger door and put her papers in the glove compartment, ignoring the
'ding, ding' noise as the door opened. After carefully locking her car again,
she made her way into the Hotel.
Sarah walked through reception, noticing a bald man looking twice at her
gorgeous figure. But she ruled that he was not connected to the 'client', and
paid no further attention to him.'Good afternoon, may I help you, madam?'
the receptionist asked politely.'Yes,' Sarah said rather bluntly. 'I have a suite
on the 5th floor, but I am 
not happy with the condition of the bathroom,' she added, as she casually
glanced around - not even looking at the receptionist.
'Oh, I am so terribly sorry, madam. I'll send a cleaner up there right away. May
I ask what is your suite number?' he enquired.
'Oh, I can't remember that, my good man,' Sarah snapped at him. 'Just show
me this cleaner and I shall take her there myself!' she almost spat out.'Very
well, madam - as you wish,' the receptionist concluded. Hesignalled to a male
cleaner polishing an ash tray by the elevator.
'NO!' Sarah again barked. 'I want a FEMALE cleaner!' she exclaimed 
insistently, again not looking at him as she said this.'As you wish, madam,'
came the courteous reply.
After a short delay, a young girl appeared from the elevator. Sarah walked
into the elevator with her without thanking the receptionist - who was mightily
relieved to see the back of her! Sarah could tell that this girl, who was barely
out of her teens, had just had a cigarette break, since she 
positively reeked of tobacco. Neither woman spoke during the elevator's 
ascent. Once on the 5th floor, Sarah began walking down the corridortowards
the suite where the client was staying. She stopped a few doors down from
the client's suite and said, 'This is the one - this is my suite'.
'OK then, miss,' the girl stammered, as she went off to the nearest utility
cupboard. Sarah casually followed her, taking care not to look suspicous.
Once the girl was inside the cupboard, Sarah checked both ways down the
corridor before entering the cupboard with the cleaner, and quietly shutting
 the door behind her.
As quick as lightning, Sarah hand-chopped the unsuspecting girl on the side
of the neck, sending her down like a ton of bricks. Sarah kneeled down and turned
the girl over carefully. Silently, she ran her hand over the girl's face, frisking her
halzenut hair out of the way, before moving to her nose and mouth. She held closed
the cleaner's nose with her fingers, whilst mounting the poor girl and pinning her arms
 to her sides with her pantyhosed thighs. The unfortunate girl did not know what had hit her.
She feebly tried to scream but Sarah's hand ensured that her attempts only quietly vibrated,
softly in the palm of the assassin's hand.
Sarah slowly suffocated the cleaner with one hand and met with little 
resistance, since the girl was by now almost unconcious, her hands weakly
trying to get free from between Sarahs thighs, her legs kicking feebly. Sarah
showed no emotion whilst doing this, and simply observed the girl's bulging
eyes as she tried to breathe in some oxygen. After she was sure the girl had
passed away some four minutes later, Sarah then undressed the girl slowly,
being sure not to damage her clothes, in case this might give her away later.
Once she had stripped the cleaning girl to her cheap underwear, Sarah slowly
stood up and began to undress.
First, off came her jacket which she hung up on the door. Next her navy blue
suit, slipping down her sheer, shapely legs, revealing her exquisite figure, and
leaving the assassin standing only in her bra and nearly-black tights, together
with the black high heels, which she left on. Now she put on the girl's cleaning
uniform. It was a typical outfit - not particularly special, but nevertheless still
smart, taking into account the quality of the hotel 
which it represented. Sarah even decided to swap tights with the girl, to make
sure that her own designer brand of pantyhose would not arouse 
suspicion later on, as she proceeded with the rest of her mission. There was no
chair in the very small room, so Sarah made one by sitting on the deceased girl's
face, crossing her nylon legs as she leaned into the girl's visage for comfort.
'Do excuse me!' Sarah cheekily commented, as she gently slipped off her 
nearly-black tights, her polished red toenails suddenly able to shine in the light
of the cleaning cupboard. Then she carefully slid on the dull brown tights which
the cleaner had been wearing. Once she was satisfied that she looked the part,
Sarah checked herself in the mirror on the cupboard wall one last time, before
slowly opening the door, dragging out the vacuum cleaner from the corner of the
cupboard, and then scanning the corridor for people.
Having established that the coast was clear, Sarah emerged into the corridor and
locked the door with the girl's keys. She walked back down the corridor in her
newly-acquired outfit, with keys jangling and vacuum cleaner in tow. She looked
the part but, if anything, could be considered to be rather too 
attractive and sophisticated to be a cleaner! She turned into the doorway of the
client's suite, causing the bodyguard on the door to immediately jump up from his
chair, at the same time leaving his right hand free to produce his firearm if required.
'Hello,' Sarah said in an openly seductive voice. 'I have instructions to clean this
suite, as it was not done this morning,' she added smilingly.
'I am sorry, but no-one to go in room right now,' the guard replied in poor English.
'Well!' Sarah now began to raise her voice. 'I HAVE to clean this suite of else
I'll get FIRED!' she barked at him, in the same way she had done downstairs
 to the receptionist.
'Listen to me little girl, you cannot ...' But before the guard could finish his sentence,
there was some Arabic spoken from inside the room. It was the diplomat, instructing
the guard to keep the noise down. The guard looked at Sarah stubbornly and beckoned
 her forward, telling her to raise her arms. Once Sarah had been searched, the guard
opened the door. 'You have twenty 
minutes,' he said bluntly.
'Don't worry - it's all I'll need!' the pretty blonde replied without 
looking at him, as she proceeded into the suite triumphantly. The guard shut the
door behind her. The suite was extremely plush, with plenty of expensive furnishings
on display. Sarah estimated that it must be costing the client at least £1500 a night to
hire. And there was the target himself, sitting on the sofa in the middle of the room
and reading an Arabic newspaper, his body turned away from Sarah.
'Do you mind if I use my Hoover, sir?' Sarah enquired cautiously, not 
wishing to seem to impose on the guest too much. The man did not reply, but 
simply waved at her with his free hand over his shoulder. She plugged in the vacuum
cleaner and switched it on. The noise of it would give her cover as she carried out
her planned task.
Sarah slowly removed her skirt, in order to give her maximum movement, then
off came her top. She was now standing in only her expensive 'Gucci' underwear
and polished black high heels. Although the cleaning girl's poor-quality tights spoilt
her appearance somewhat, nevertheless Sarah looked amazing. She took gliding
silent steps towards the client, and then performed a flying cartwheel as she approached
the sofa.
The assassin now effortlessly slid down the front of the sofa until she 
found herself on her victim's shoulders. Then she slid deeper into the sofa,
as their combined body weights were pushed them further down. Her thighs
instinctively wrapped around his neck, and he was completely taken by surprise!
The palm of Sarah's right hand was already cupped firmly around his mouth as
he voiced his surprise.
Suddenly, with a lightning strike as before, and to reduce his resistance further,
she karate-chopped the man's neck twice with her free hand, causing him to emit
a series of agonising smothered groans. The client was sinking deeper into the sofa
as Sarah couldn't grip his neck between her thighs any more, and he found himself
being smothered by the crotch of this lethal female. Sarah shuffled around on his face
 to get a better position, his features being hidden by her sheer pantyhose, but this didn't
last long, as the client managed to slide right out from under her bottom.
Sarah quickly placed her high heels on the back of the diplomat's head and locked
 her legs out straight forward, sending him sprawling across the floor to land face-down,
still groggy from her karate chops. She was on him before he could do anything. Now
standing over him, Sarah quickly turned him over, and at the same time grabbed his wrists,
pulling him up sharply. Her right high heel dug deep into the man's stomach, winding him
badly as his body couldn't follow the upward movement of his arms, in the process expelling
the air in his lungs with a loud groan.
Now Sarah removed her foot and yanked him up towards her. He unwillingly flew
upwards, past her ankles, knees and thighs, until his face found itself harshly crushed
against her pantyhosed crotch. Sarah slammed her shapely thighs together around his
face, sealing it in her suffocating grip, and clamped them tightly together. Sarah allowed
the two of them to fall forward gently, bending her knees as they went down. When
they hit the floor, the victim gave a pained, smothered moan, on account of the impact
caused by Sarah squeezing her thighs tightly around his face. The would-be assassin 
now gripped his wrists tightly, controlling them, comfortably holding him in a suffocating
The diplomat thrashed around wildly, screams vibrating silently between 
Sarah's shiny thighs, trying to escape her deadly hold, but with no success as the highly
 trained assassin remained unbudged, her athletic body refusing to give way. Sarah's
 thighs completly engulfed the client's face, as she pressed them together as hard as
she could, leaving him suffocating between 
them, the smell of long-worn tights being all he was now conscious of. His screams
harmlessly vibrated through her silky thighs. Everytime he 
desperately thrashed around, she simply compensated for his movements by r
epositioning herself until he was sucking on her tights again.
This almost comical-looking procedure, of the man wildly bucking for air followed
by Sarah calmly readjusting her position seemed, to the client, to last for an eternity.
His body twisted and bucked like a rabid animal, as his need for oxygen stepped up
 to another level. His brain was desperately crying out for air now, as he was suffocating
fast. Sarah's soft, supple pantyhose-encased thighs were succesfully preventing him from
 breathing the air he needed to stay alive, as he tried desperately suck on them for air
which simply wasn't there.
He couldn't move her off his face, even with all his might, but only 
slightly managed to move her, but each she would just reshuffle herself 
until once again his face was totally smothered and she was completely back in
control. Every time he did this, he would lose valuable energy which he couldn't
 afford to waste, since he wasn't getting any fresh oxygen. He was going to die
very soon ...
Sarah had forced his wrists against her lap, the man's feet wildly kicking out,
prompting a final 'MMMPPPPFFFHH' cry for help, before he slowly stopped
struggling - he was dead. Sarah remained sitting on the client's face. But suddenly
he came alive, and managed to desperately bite her thigh with his teeth with all his
 remaining energy. It was enough to dislodge Sarah, since was not expecting this,
and was now in so much pain that she released the client from his suffocating tomb.
He took in a great gulp of air, instantly filling his lungs with the oxygen he longed
 for, and lunged for the door.
But Sarah's quick-thinking mind was one step ahead of him, as he quickly found
her palm already over his mouth before he could scream out to his guard. She
forced him down to the floor, and pinned his shoulders securely with her knees.
The diplomat suddenly found his lifesaving gulp of air cut rudely in half as Sarah's
lovely behind bounced up and down on his chest, cruelly ly not letting him breathe
 as much air as he would have wanted.
She swiftly leaned over him, now straddling his neck and grabbed the back
of his head with both hands, pulling it up fast, whilst gracefully and effortlessly
bringing her legs around from her sitting position, until her lethal thighs were once
more scissored around his neck, her ankles instinctively locking together with a
sexy swishing sound as her tights rubbed together.
He gasped against her stomach as Sarah thrust and tensed her legs around his
neck, with small orgasmic urges and her shiny blonde hair bouncing off her shoulders,
cutting off his air supply . His head was free of her hands now, as she leaned on his
shoulders for balance. His bloated, pained red face was left weakly staring at her
attractive features, as she evilly smileddown at him, biting her bottom lip with satisfaction
as she observed his unsuccesful attempts at taking in oxygen, his windpipe scissored
between her supple thighs.
The client was desperately trying to prise open Sarah's thighs so he could breathe,
his face screwed up with determination and frustration, as he used all his remaining
energy in battling for his life, his face now very red as 
he gasped for air, only managing to suck loudly and repeatedly making
'SSSPPPHHHFFTT' sounds, as he sucked on her soiled tights. Oxygen
simply wasn't there, as Sarah now calmly gripped his hands with hers, tightly
controlling them away from her legs and continuing to build up pressure around
the his neck.
He was now making involuntary loud groaning noises, as Sarah continued to
thrust and tense her thighs around his neck, forcing all the air out of his lungs,
as she gave small orgasmic urges to herself with each thrust, biting her lip lightly
to contain them, the vacuum cleaner easily drowning out the victim's moans. The
client was now dying. His face was blue, and his eyes were wide open, bulging right
out, his tongue down to his chin as he still gasped for air. The veins on his temples
bulged from the intolerable pressure around his neck. Sarah's mouth was agape,
teasingly mimicking his desperate mouth movements to breathe, her head tilted sympathetically,
her eyebrows raising with each of the man's unsuccessful breathing attempts. She stared into his
petrified eyes, as he finally died between her thighs.
Suddenly the Hoover powered down. Sarah was startled by this and
dropped her guard. It was a saving miracle for the client, who managed
to put her off balance momentarily by pulling away her hands with enough
force to allow his head to slip through between the bottom of her thighs and
 into freedom, his face brushed over by her pantyhosed crotch.
But Sarah reacted quickly. She knew she had a split second after the
client had breathed air again, before he would scream for help to the bodyguard
outside the door. As he inhaled, she replaced her hands behind her on his shoulders
and smoothly backrolled over his face, smacking his head to the floor before she
found herself upright, sitting on his waist as her long blonde hair bounced playfully
on her shoulders, her thighs gripping his arms together.
Before he could scream for help, the oxygen-deprived, groggy man was
thrust up again. This time Sarah had both her hands behind his head, pulling
his face deep into her ample cleavage. He let out a last-ditch cry for help,
but Sarah's young and full, soft breasts enveloped and suffocated his efforts.
The client was not a young man, in his late fifties in fact, and not having the
trength he had possessed in his younger days, he was now thoroughly exhausted.
By contrast, Sarah was in her late twenties, and very athletic and supple.
She put her hand under his head, arching his head back by the hair with a
gasp of air, and she settled her full, firm breasts over his face, using her upper
arms to hold them together over his nose and mouth. Sarah was careful to hold
 them only over the lower half of his face, watching his eyes as he realised that
he couldn't breathe - that his face was trapped against her breasts - that he
could make no move to escape - and that he would die, suffocated against the
breasts of this awesome opponent.
Sarah watched him carefully, holding his face firmly against her heaving breasts,
making sure that her beautiful face, filled with her satisfaction 
at destroying him, would be the last thing that he saw before his death, as he
struggled pathetically for air from between her breasts. She stared into his eyes
coldly as she suffocated him against her, until finally his eyes closed as he lapsed
into unconsciousness. She pulled his face away from her 
chest then, and he began breathing again, Sarah hugged him back to her, 
sealing his face firmly between her breasts, holding him in her arms,once more
draining the life from him.
She kissed the top of his head, whispering, "Good night, sweet prince!" Then
she held him against her until she was certain that his life had left him - that
she had taken it from him - and she pulled his face from her breasts, mesmerised
by the look of horror on her victim's face, as she tilted her head while playing
with his hair. Then she released him, letting him fall to the ground.
The client's shocked face was deathly pale as he lay there, eyes wide
open in terror, staring into space. Sarah shuffled forward until she was
sitting on his face, closing her thighs tightly around his face again, taking a
deep breath for a moment. She then took out a hair-band from inside her bra and 
ran her hands slowly through her straight blonde hair, her head tilting back
 to allow her hair to dangle freely, slowly swinging her head from side to
side, before tying it up in a sexy little arrangment with the band.
Sarah now checked her Omega watch. She had been in there over
quarter of an hour - it was time to go. She carefully scanned the area
before unclamping her sheer tights-encased thighs from around the client's
smothered face. Now she swiftly put back the glasses on the table which
had been knocked over during the scuffle. Next she picked up the dead
client and dragged him to 
the sofa, where she positioned him exactly as she had originally found him,
 facing away from the door. She was careful to keep his head from falling,
keeping it upright and then taking a moment to admire her handiwork, her
 head tilted slightly and a little smirk on her face, before leaning forward
nd passionately kissing the dead man's blue lips.
Quickly she made her way to the door and slipped back into the skirt
and top she had been wearing, then unplugged the vacuum cleaner from
the mains socket, swiftly coiling up the lead around the handle. Sarah now
opened the door to the suite, to be meet by the bodyguard's stern glance.
She returned him her most dazzling smile, with her head tilted and white
 teeth gleaming.
'What kept you - I was about to come get you out?!' the guard commented 
forcefully.'Oh, you know, I got a little pinned down with work!' Sarah replied
as she strutted straight past him, without looking, Hoover in tow. And then,
just as she thought her mission was -
'WAIT' the guard suddenly shouted.
Sarah froze ... her heart beating faster with anticipation, as she now 
slowly turned round to see the guard approaching her. Sarah had to act 
quickly, as he indicated that he wanted to search her again.
'Here hold this,' she said bluntly, as she tossed the Hoover at the 
bodyguard, making him stoop to catch it. Like lightning, she bolted
towards him and brought her right leg up, around and down hitting the guard
with a successful axe-kick, catching him squarely on the top of his head. He went down
like a sack of potatoes. Swiftly Sarah grabbed the semi-concious guard's hand,
and half-lifted him, whilst at the same time twisting his wrist to send him spiralling
head-over-heels back into the suite.
The guard was momentarily dazed, and left lying his back. Sarah dived
on top of him, landing in the 'sixty-nine' position, for there were a different
set of rules now in effect, as Sarah was not pressed for time any more, so
she was going to enjoy this experience!. She brought her elbow into his
mid-section, causing him to raise his head as he expelled air from his lungs,
 the blow allowing Sarah's thighs to wrap fully around his head, with his face
scissored deep between her shapely legs. Then she began to squeeze the
helpless bodyguard's neck, as she locked her ankles together. With her arms,
she controlled his wildly, thrashing legs. Sarah's thighs engulfed his head - increasingly
covering his entire face like an airtight glove.
The guard could not scream, nor barely even breathe at all. Sarah continued
 tightening the steely vice-like grip of her thighs. At this stage the bodyguard
was not too worried - after all, she was only a girl, right? What could her
silly legs do to him? Sarah had now teased back his knees by tickling them,
and had complete control over his legs as she tightly hugged them together,
whilst squeezing her thighs together around his face as hard as she could, lettting
out sexy little grunts as she squeezed harder still, her teeth gritted in concentration,
her hair waving wildly back and forth over her face. She continued to do this over
and over again, with each thrust depriving the bodyguard of precious air and energy.
His neck was 
scissored between her silk-clad thighs, his face smothered inside her 
suffocating crotch.
Now the guard became nervous, as he had wasted a lot of energy trying to
kick out of her sensual hold. Even with all his might he couldn't escape her grip,
the young athletic female denying him oxygen, cutting off his air supply. But he simply
couldn't manage to open her thighs to release the pressure around his neck, and breathe
the air he had always taken for granted. Her ankles remained tightly locked together,
acting as the pivoting point to her hold. He tried to reach out and unwrap her legs but
couldn't achieve his goal, in the process losing valuable energy with every unsuccessful
The guard was now a stark-raving, foaming madman. He clawed at Sarah's
legs and tried in vain to grab her long blonde hair, still kicking but to no avail.
The trained bodyguard was frantic in her trap. His wild attempts to kick out only
succeeded in exhausting him further. Sarah continued to gradually increase her scissor-
pressure, so as not to tire herself out too quickly, at the same time forcing herself to take
 slow, deep breaths. She had bagged her prey and there would be no escape. Harder
and harder, her lethal legs compressed his head, changing its round shape to more of
an oval one. His aroused manhood almost struck Sarah directly in the face.
'Well, is that all you've got, big man?!' she mocked, as he screamed between
her upper thighs, his eyes wide open with rage, his face now a deep red from
the suffocation he was experiencing. The pressure was still gradually increasing
around his head and neck, his petrified, smothered screams leading Sarah to
turn to him casually, glancing into his terrified face, one eye covered by her
dangling blonde hair, as she shushed him playfully. A coy grin was on her face,
 her white teeth gleaming as she giggled softly at his demise, making him even
more angry and even more aware he was being killed in such an embarrassing
way by this dazzlingly attractive female.
After a time - perhaps five minutes or so - the guard's thrashing movements
slowed dramatically. Sarah could see the colour of his face grow pale from
her powerful hold, as he continued to emit weak, smothered screams. Her nylon
tights were all he could breathe, rubbing coarsely around his face, his hands clawing,
trying somehow to prise Sarah's powerful thighs from around his face. She spun her
head round to observe his torture more clearly, her shiny blonde hair throwing itself
around her head and bouncing off her shoulders until it lay still.
Sarah looked on amused, as her latest victim continued to scream for mercy, 
while she bit her bottom lip with orgasmic excitement, raising her eyebrows 
to imitate the frightened expression on his face, causing a length of shiny 
blonde hair to fall over her left eye, as he gasped for air which wasn't 
there, his eyes bulging in his head from the suffocation His forehead 
remained the only visible part of his head, and the veins on it bulged out, 
as Sarah thrust jerked her body with more grunts, making the guard expel the 
last of his oxygen-supply into her pantyhosed crotch with muffled groans. 
With each thrust she gave, his moans became quieter, until they were merely 
a whisper.
Sarah kept up her relentless death-grip, only pausing to kiss her middle 
fingertip and push it against his veined red forehead with a sexy grin on 
her face, leaving a lipstick mark on his head. She maintained the constant 
pressure around his face and neck, until he totally stopped moving and his 
body went limp. He passed into history.
Sarah kept the pressure on for a further two minutes, to make sure he really 
was dead. Then she slowly unlocked her ankles as she rose from the floor. 
The man's head was lying at an awkward angle, his eyes frozen wide in shock 
and disbelief. His tongue was hanging down his chin. Sarah kissed her index finger
and pressed it onto the dead man's lips before picking him up with some difficulty,
since he was far heavier than the lightweight 'client' she had dispatched earlier. She
carefully placed the body next to the deceased diplomat on the sofa.
The successful assassin gave a sexy little curtsey towards the two bodies,
now perfectly content with the successful outcome of her mission. Still
smiling widely, she gave a cute little wave goodbye, and blew the victims
a kiss, before spinning round like a ballerina towards the door. Her work done,
Sarah now carefully locked the door of the suite, and picking up the vacuum
cleaner, she then walked back to the utility cupboard where she had got it from.
After checking that the corridor was empty, she entered the cupboard, replaced
the Hoover and closed the door behind her.
Now she went through the same routine as before, in getting changed
back into her designer outfit using the dead cleaning girl's face as her seat.
The only noise to be heard from the cupboard was the distinctive swish of
Sarah's trademark nearly-black tights - which have so far claimed numerous
lives - sliding up her tanned ankles, then calves, then thighs, before snapping
perfectly around her waist. After putting her high heels back on and checking
herself in the mirror, she cautiously opened the cupboard door and then locked it behind her.
The assassin smartly strutted out of the elevator and through the main 
reception area, to be hailed by the man she had spoken to earlier.'I trust your
room is now to your satisfaction, madam?''Yes indeed - the girl proved to be
 most useful, thank you!' Sarah replied with a chuckle, adding a little wink as
she walked through the revolving glass doors of the hotel, and into the street.
'Beep beep,' went the alarm on her Chrysler Discovery, as she unlocked the
driver's door by remote from almost five metres away. She opened the door
and got into the car then began checking through the files for her next mission,
 which were concealed in the glove compartment. Cars busily tooted their horns
as they passed her in the normal London traffic chaos. Pedestrians walking by
were oblivous to the lives that she recently had taken.
Sarah slide her designer sunglasses on, before looking up at the sky in the
 now picturesque London evening, and then starting the engine. She looked in the
driving mirror, pulled out and joined the slow-moving traffic, fully content in the
 knowledge that her mission had been accomplished satisfactorily..

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