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October 31, 2009

Wild in Maui

August 24, 2009

Join Donna, Gotopless leader for the islands of Hawaii on Aug 23rd for an afternoon of sun and fun on Little beach, Makena State Beach from noon to 3 PM!topless_hawaii_woman_dancing_md

Gotopless is proud to be present in Hawaii for the second year in a row as we encourage the Hawaiian women to reconnect with their traditional roots and demand to right to Gotopless on their islands as their female ancestors have always proudly done until the missionaries arrived with their shameful mentalities and forced them to cover their chest.
If NY where the weather does not always permit women to go topless is already a topfree, Hawaii should be next! Perfect weather and ancestral traditions! Stand up for your rigths, Hawaiian wahine!

Shades of Domination

July 30, 2009

Sexy Girl Does Him In The Ass

July 23, 2009

girl_powerA Chase Bank investment adviser and admitted hard-partying night crawler has been charged with looting $110,000 from a millionaire’s private account in Manhattan, The Post has learned.

Robin Katz — a sexy, 25-year-old financial planner working at Chase’s Midtown headquarters — bolted the Big Apple in May, telling her bosses that she had a family medical emergency back home in California, sources said.

A month later, one of Chase’s well-heeled clients realized that his seven-figure account balance had a six-figure shortfall and contacted bank officials, the Criminal Court complaint and sources said.

Auditors initially determined that an extra ATM card in the millionaire’s name had been created about a year earlier and that it had been used dozens of times starting in June 2008 to siphon cash out of the account.

Chase investigators zeroed in on Katz, an attractive brunette who attended Smith College and boasts on her MySpace page that she is a “rocket scientist by day, party fool by night.”

Her interests: “Politics: F– Bush. Sex: F– Me.”

Several photos show her skydiving, playing in a zero-gravity simulator and posing alluringly in a tight, low-cut top with her hands behind her head.

She says on her Web page that one of the people she would most like to meet is “my good twin.”

The bank — after notifying the NYPD Organized and Identity Theft Task Force about the missing funds — contacted Katz in California and told her she needed to return to New York to explain what had occurred or the feds were going to track her down.

She was nabbed after she flew back to the city last week.

Asked why she took the money, Katz told authorities that she had troubles paying her bills, sources said.

“She just spent it . . . shopping . . . going out,” a source said.

On her MySpace page, Katz says she wants to become a stockbroker at Oppenheimer or Carrington Fox, an investment-banking service firm.

She says she loves New York City and that her East 14th Street apartment “was much better than she ever hoped for.”

A next-door neighbor recalled loud music and Katz’s distinctive laugh resounding at various hours through the walls.

“She was kinda kooky,” the neighbor said.

Katz was arraigned Saturday and ordered held on $50,000 bail at Rikers Island, according to the Manhattan DA’s Office. She is next due in court Thursday.

Girl Bait

June 20, 2009

Law enforcement officials say that sting operations like these are an extremely effective means of lowering crime rates and stopping the criminally minded before they commit worse offenses. 5

Opponents call it entrapment