11 months ago, an Operation Report from a 'Millstone' Operative had been leaked to the UN by an anonymous source. The Operation was the bugging of the Iranian Foreign Office at The Haig by British Secret Service for purposes of Intelligence Gathering. However, being The Haig is on International gorund, this is an illegal manavour and potentially a very embarrasing situation for the SIS to be put in, at such a critical time in World Politics. The UN Independant Investigations Commitee is due to hear evidence from the head of the section accused of the esponiage, with a view to making its findings public after the premliminary stage of the inquiry. David Gill had worked for the SIS for almost 25 years but a string a recent failures in operations had him looking expendable. It was felt by the SIS that he had delibratly set up and leaked the bugging operation to the UN, to get his name in the public eye and guarantee his safety, in the process damaging the SIS reputation. He had made his situation clear to the UN who had in turn formed a protection service for him to get him to the inquiry, but dismissing the threat that the SIS would dare try anything in their building, they toned down security once he had reached the HQ, and assigned a Attache to be with him on the day of the hearing, which was due in 30 minutes: The SIS knew they could not allow GIll to testify at the inquiry and had to stop him making it. They assigned their top agent who speciliazes in non-weapon assasination techniques, as The Haig secuiry is very tight, Sarah Surridge, codename 'Castle', is sent in 3 days in advance to carry out preliminary recconisance with another agent who would be used to bring the Attache away from the target As Gill and the attache enter the elevator, a stunning brunette wearing a light pink business suit dashes toward the lift with a cup of cofee in her hand ''HOLD THAT LIFT PLEASE!!'' came her desperate please

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